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Section 3: Student Supports

  • What is a Student Case Manager (SCM)? 

    Student Case Managers (SCM) are assigned to a student who is being considered for Leave or placed on a Leave under the Policy to help navigate the process and to be their main contact with the University for the duration of their involvement with the Policy. SCM’s are intended to serve as a University support […]

  • Who are Student Case Managers (SCM)?  

    Student Case Managers (SCM)’s are usually University staff members on the Student Life/ Student Affairs Crisis Support and Response and Academic Progress teams on each campus.  They are highly experienced in supporting students and generally have professional designations as social workers, counsellors or mental health nurses.  

  • What is a Student Support Team (SST)? 

    A Student Support Team (SST) is a small group of University staff and faculty brought together by the Vice-Provost, Students to provide advice and guidance around supports, resources, and the shaping the terms and conditions to the specific student who is on a Leave. An SST is established if the Vice-Provost, Students decides to take […]

  • Who is on the Student Support Team (SST)? 

    Student Support Teams (SST) consist of individuals that offer expertise and information in a specific area to provide advice to the Vice-Provost, Students on how best to support the student during all stages of their involvement with the Policy. The composition of the team depends on the specific identity and needs of the individual student […]

  • How is student privacy and confidentiality maintained while on a Leave? 

    The University is committed to compliance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and the Personal Health Information Protection Act. Any collection, use, or disclosure of personal information as part of the Policy process is conducted in accordance with relevant law.  As part of the University’s efforts to maintain student privacy, the […]

  • When a student is placed on a Leave do they lose access to critical university resources and supports? 

    When a student is placed on a Leave, the student’s access to essential supports is not generally restricted, except in circumstances where there may be a risk to the safety of student services staff. In all cases, the Student Case Manager and Student Support Team work to ensure that the student is fully supported in accessing […]

  • What financial considerations are offered to students placed on a Leave? 

    Financial considerations are made on a case-by-case basis. The terms and conditions of a Leave may include measures to address potential financial implications for the student.  Examples of steps that have been taken to support students engaged with the Policy, include, retroactively refunding tuition and fees, covering fees for continuation of health & dental coverage […]

  • Will a student be allowed on campus? 

    Due to the threshold for a Leave under the Policy (significant risk of harm to others) a student on Leave is often temporarily trespassed from campus. If a student on Leave has questions about their access to campus, or needs to attend campus for a specific reason, they should speak with their Student Case Manager […]

  • What happens if a student living in a University residence is placed on a Leave? 

    There are situations where a student placed on a Leave may be required to move out of residence as part of the terms and conditions of their Supportive Leave.  Such a decision is based on the student’s behaviour.  If a student is engaging in behaviour that compromises the safety of other students living in residence, […]

  • How does a Leave affect a student’s health and dental insurance coverage? 

    If a student on a Supportive Leave has questions about their coverage and/or experiences a disruption in their coverage they should speak with their Student Case Manager. The University will review these matters on a case-by-case basis, working with the respective Student Societies and insurance providers.    Student health and dental insurance is provided by their […]

  • How are equity, diversity, and inclusion considered when placing a student on a Leave? 

    Compassion and respect for the diverse and intersecting identities and lived experiences of our students is at the core of the University’s Supportive Leaves Policy. The Policy is designed to allow for tailored supports to meet the highly individualized needs of students who may be in need of a Leave.   If a student from an […]

  • What considerations are offered to Indigenous students placed on a Leave?

    If an Indigenous student is placed on a Leave under the Policy, the Vice-Provost, Students  will include staff of First Nations House at the St. George campus, Indigenous Initiatives at the University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC),  or the Indigenous Centre at the University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM),  as members of the Student Support Team(SST), depending […]

  • What is the effect on international students and how are international students supported? 

    The University understands that special consideration must be taken when an International Student is placed on a Supportive Leave to avoid adverse effects on their legal status and eligibility to stay or work in Canada. The Student Support Team will carefully consider and monitor these impacts, on a case-by-case basis, to help ensure that the […]