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What is the effect on international students and how are international students supported? 

The University understands that special consideration must be taken when an International Student is placed on a Supportive Leave to avoid adverse effects on their legal status and eligibility to stay or work in Canada. The Student Support Team will carefully consider and monitor these impacts, on a case-by-case basis, to help ensure that the terms and conditions of a Leave and return to studies are tailored to address the needs of each individual student.   

The Student Case Manager will connect the student on Leave with an International Student Immigration Advisor (ISIA) at the University’s Centre for International Experience (CIE) to discuss options for: 

  • Support from the University in applying for an authorized Leave from their studies to ensure compliance with immigration regulations in Canada;  
  • Maintaining eligibility for Post Graduate Work Permits (PGWP);  
  • Options to stay in Canada during the Leave or returning to their home country;  
  • Extension of their study permit where necessary,  
  • Immigration requirements for the student’s dependents (where applicable); 
  • Any other immigration-related questions particular needs of the individual student and within the CIE’s scope of practice. 

The Student Case Manager will also connect with the CIE UHIP team to continue/extend the student’s enrolment in University Health Insurance Program (UHIP) as appropriate. 

The Student Case Manager will help the student to navigate any processes and paperwork as needed.