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Student Organization Portal

U of T’s central hub for student group recognition and student organization profiles, events & opportunities.

Handbook for Student Societies

This Handbook is a comprehensive guide to student society leaders’ responsibilities under University policy.

Student Society Audits & Audit Exemptions

Resources for student societies preparing their financial records for the University’s annual audit requirement.

Student Society Fee Changes & Referenda

Resources for student societies seeking to increase their student fees and/or hold a referendum.

Student Society Governing Document Revisions

Resources for student societies making changes to their constitution, bylaws, policies, etc.

Complaints Against Student Societies

Information regarding the Complaint & Resolution Council for Student Societies and University policy.

Audio/visual copyrights

Resources for student organizations thinking of screening a movie or sharing other copywritten materials.

Use of University services

Information regarding the use of space, information technology, and other services on campus.

St. George student organization resources

St. George’s Clubs & Leadership Development team provides a number of helpful programs and services.

UTM student organization resources

UTM’s Centre for Student Engagement provides a number of helpful programs and services.

UTSC student organization resources

UTSC’s Office of Student Experience & Wellbeing provides a number of helpful programs and services.