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How does a Leave affect a student’s health and dental insurance coverage? 

If a student on a Supportive Leave has questions about their coverage and/or experiences a disruption in their coverage they should speak with their Student Case Manager. The University will review these matters on a case-by-case basis, working with the respective Student Societies and insurance providers.   

Student health and dental insurance is provided by their respective Student Societies: 

If a student has not chosen to opt out the Health and Dental plan (i.e. has paid fees for their coverage) in the academic year that their Leave was initiated, the University will work with their respective Student Union and insurance provider to ensure continuation of coverage. Any cost associated with the continuation of coverage is typically covered by the University. The need for this coverage to be extended will be discussed with the student and reviewed by the Student Support Team before any changes are made.  

To maintain privacy and confidentiality, the University has a process where they can maintain continuity of benefits coverage for the student on Leave without sharing the identity of the individual with the Student Society or the insurance provider.  

Additional benefits – Employees 

If a student is also an employee of the University (e.g., teaching assistant) and has additional benefit coverage by virtue of this employment, the University will look into options to continue or extend the plans as feasible with the respective human resources offices and service providers. 

Additional benefits – Dependents 

Students who have opted into additional coverage for dependents during the academic year that they go on Leave should not experience any disruption to this additional coverage. The student would have paid for this coverage directly to the service provider during the September change period of the respective academic year. By the University maintaining eligibility and to the core coverage for the student on Leave with their respective Student Society plan, any coverage opted in to for dependents should remain consistent.