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What considerations are offered to Indigenous students placed on a Leave?

If an Indigenous student is placed on a Leave under the Policy, the Vice-Provost, Students  will include staff of First Nations House at the St. George campus, Indigenous Initiatives at the University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC),  or the Indigenous Centre at the University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM),  as members of the Student Support Team(SST), depending on the student’s campus registration and/or primary affiliation. The Vice-Provost, Students and the SST may also seek guidance from Indigenous Elders, Traditional Teachers, and/or Knowledge Keepers to inform supports and resources for Indigenous students placed on Leave and ensure Indigenous culture and ways of knowing are appropriately considered. The Vice-Provost, Students will also consider documentation provided from Indigenous resources and services if the student chooses to share this with the University for consideration as part of their Leave process.  

The Student Case Manager will connect with Indigenous student supports and resources on campus to explore internal and external supports and referrals appropriate to the individual student case. The Student Case Manager will also help to navigate any processes and paperwork as needed.