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Who is my Student Case Manager and what is their role? 

The name and contact information for your Student Case Manager (SCM) will have been included in the letter you received initiating the Leave.  It is likely that your Student Case Manager also reached out to you to offer to meet to review the letter. 

Student Case Managers (SCM) are assigned to a student who is being considered for a Leave or placed on a Leave under the Policy to help them navigate the process and to be the main contact with the University for the duration of the student’s involvement with the Policy. While your SCM will provide input to the Student Support Team and help to shape and carry out the terms and conditions of your Leave, they are not decision-makers about your status under the Leave.  

Student Case Managers (SCM)’s are usually University staff members on the Student Life/ Student Affairs Crisis Support and Response and Academic Progress teams on each campus. They are highly experienced in supporting students who are experiencing challenges and generally have professional designations as social workers, counsellors, or mental health nurses.  

Please refer to Section IV. B. of the Supportive Leaves Policy for additional information about the appointment of a Student Case Manager.