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What steps does the Vice-Provost, Students take when they receive a request to consider a student’s conduct under the Policy? 

Upon receiving a request from a Division Head to consider a student’s situation under the Supportive Leave Policy, the Vice-Provost, Students begins by gathering information to ensure they have a clear understanding of the student’s behaviour and personal circumstances to inform their decision as to whether it is appropriate to place the student on Leave under the Policy. This process may involve bringing together individuals from various student services and equity offices who may be involved in providing support to the student. The Vice-Provost, Students will also collect and review any relevant supporting documentary information (e.g., campus safety reports, summary of concern form, etc.) related to the behaviour of concern.  

Meeting the threshold for a Leave (see section IV.F.37.a) does not mean that a student must automatically be placed on a Supportive Leave.  The Policy allows for the review and deployment of additional resources to support the student, including offering reasonable accommodations to the point of undue hardship, ideally with the result that a Supportive Leave is not required. 

Please refer to Section IV. A. of the Supportive Leaves Policy for additional information about the process for notifying the Vice-Provost, Students