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What are the terms and conditions of the Leave?  

The terms and conditions outline the University’s obligations for the Leave and the expectations of the student during the Leave.  

Terms and Conditions are tailored specifically to the individual student’s needs and circumstances with input from the Student Support Team (see more information about the Student Support Team in “Student Supports” section.) Terms and conditions can be updated throughout the duration of a Leave as circumstances change and evolve and with input from the student. Compliance with the terms and conditions of a Leave is one of the factors that the University considers when reviewing a request to return to studies.  

Examples of terms and conditions might include: 

  • No contact with individuals impacted by the behaviour that led to the Leave (sometimes this can be a broad no contact with anyone at the University, with the exception of the Student Case Manager, until safety concerns are reassessed) 
  • Limitations on access to University of Toronto premises (a student may be trespassed from campus due to safety concerns; exceptions can be discussed with their Student Case Manager on a needs basis) 
  • Limitations on access to University services (exceptions can be discussed with their Student Case Manager on a needs basis) 
  • Explanation of what will happen with the student’s academic record during Leave (e.g., courses that were partially completed at the time of the onset of the Leave might result in the student being de-registered or Standing Deferred based on the individual circumstances).  
  • Information about financial considerations, specific to the student’s circumstances (e.g., tuition refunds, awards and scholarships, financial aid, OSAP and other funding programs).  
  • Information about any impact specific to international students (e.g., Post Degree Work Permit, Study permits, and more).  
  • Expectations for engaging with their Student Case Managers 
  • The duration of the Leave and when it will be reviewed by the Vice-Provost, Students, including the timeline for the student to request a return to studies and/or extension of the Leave.  
  • Expectations that the student continue to engage in medical treatment and follow advice and treatment regime as recommended.  

Please refer to Section IV. G. of the Supportive Leaves Policy for additional information about the terms and conditions for a Leave.