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What are the accountability measures? 

The Policy has accountability measures written into it to help ensure that it is being applied consistently, fairly, and only in the rare circumstances that it is appropriate. Examples of these measures are:  

  • The University reports data on usage of the Policy annually to the University Affairs Board of the Governing Council for information.  
  • During the first two years of the Policy’s operation (2018-19, 2019-20, under a previous version of the Policy) the UofT Ombudsperson reviewed anonymized cases. 
  • The Provost has agreed to have the UofT Ombudsperson review anonymized cases after the first year of implementation of the current Policy (2023-24) 
  • Section V of the Policy has an internal appeal process built into it via the Provost for initial review of a decision and then a secondary appeal of the Provost’s decision to an experienced, legally-qualified decision-maker (the Senior Chair or Associate Chair (or delegate) of the Discipline Appeals Board of the University Tribunal).