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Fees: Ancillary

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This page provides information and links regarding Ancillary Fees – applicable policies, regulations, and relevant processes – at the University of Toronto. For specific information regarding the payment of tuition and fees, including incidental fees, please visit Student Accounts. Tuition Fee Schedules are approved annually by the Governing Council and are available on the U of T Planning and Budget website. Tuition Fee rates for each year are effective May 1.

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What are Ancillary Fees?

The University of Toronto charges a number of ancillary fees to students for cost recovery and administrative purposes. These charges are referred to as “Ancillary Fees”.

Examples of ancillary fees include:

  • field trip costs;
  • personal equipment that becomes the possession of a student (such as a lab coat, clickers, or dissection kit); and
  • administrative fees like transcript fees or library fines.
  • digital learning materials*

These charges are associated with course-related activities, or for services that students can choose to access (often through their registrar’s office). This page provides information and links concerning ancillary fees and the applicable policies, regulations, and relevant approval processes at the University of Toronto.

*See the Provostial Guidelines on Digital Learning Materials for more information.

Policy on Ancillary Fees

The establishment of, or increases to, ancillary fees that fund goods or services provided by the University (including by a division of the University), are subject to the terms and conditions outlined in the Policy on Ancillary Fees and in The Ontario Operating Funds Distribution Manual from the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU).

Report and Analysis of Ancillary Fees

These reports are an inventory of all ancillary fees reviewed by the Business Board and charged by the University.

2019-2020 Category 6, Category 6 and Schedule A Ancillary Fee Schedules

For a complete listing of previous Ancillary Fee Reports see Reports & Consultations page on this website.

FAQs about Ancillary Fees