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Use of University Services

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Use of University Space

When booking and using space on campus for events and activities, student organizations must comply with the applicable policies and regulations concerning the use of University space, including the Policy for Temporary Use of Space and the Procedures for the Temporary Use of Space. Some facilities may have additional requirements with respect to the use of space.

Accessibility Resources

The Accessibility for Ontarians With Disabilities Act Office provides a number of resources that may assist with the accessibility of your student organization’s events and programming (including tip sheets, training modules, resources, relevant policies, and building access notices).

Publishing Information

Student organizations may produce and distribute information on campus, and publish information on University web publishing facilities, provided that it is not unlawful. In addition to the conditions, and expectations articulated in the Statement on Freedom of Speech and in the Policy on the Recognition of Student Groups (for student organizations of that type), student organizations publishing information on University web publishing facilities must also comply with the terms and conditions of the Provost’s guidelines on Appropriate Use of Information and Communication Technology. Distribution of hardcopy publications on the St. George campus is subject to the Procedure on Distribution of Publications, Posters, and Banners, as outlined by Facilities & Services.

Other University Services

Access to and use of other University facilities (e.g., use of temporary office space, use of email accounts, use of LISTSERV services, etc.) are also subject to specific rules or agreements applicable to the individual services and facilities.