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Online/Remote Learning

  • Where can I access downloads of productivity software such as Microsoft Office?

    Many courses require the use of productivity software – word processing, presentation, and spreadsheet applications. The Microsoft Office suite of applications is available for free to University of Toronto students (UTORid and email address required). Office applications (e.g., Excel, Word, PowerPoint) may accessed via a browser or may be installed on your PC. Access: online […]

  • Can I use any internet browser to access remote/online learning?

    The current version of Firefox or Google Chrome browser is recommended. These browsers are available for all platforms. A current and supported browser ensures the latest functionality and security updates are available. 

  • Can I run any operating system on my PC?

    The operating system running on your PC should be a current and supported version of Windows or macOS. A current and supported OS ensures the latest functionality and security updates are available. You will also require the necessary access to install new software on your PC as needed.

  • What does a PC refer to? Can I use a Chromebook, tablet or smartphone instead?

    PC refers to a personal computer. A suitable PC may be a Windows- or macOS-based desktop or a laptop. A laptop is recommended. While much can be done with Chromebooks, tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices, they are not guaranteed to support all course related software requirements.

  • What are the minimum technical requirements for specific courses or programs?

    Certain programs or courses may have additional requirements exceeding the Minimum Technical Requirements and Recommended Accessories listed here. Please refer to the program or course requirements for additional guidance.