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Can I obtain a refund for a fee I have paid?

Ancillary fees are charged in three ways and refunds are dependent on how the fee is charged.

Compulsory ancillary fees relate to a course or academic program and are charged automatically though ROSI to all students registered in that course or program. These fees are not refundable.

Some specific ancillary fees (for building access fobs for example) are listed as fully refundable deposits. These fees can be refunded once the relevant academic term or program has ended during a refund period. These refunds are processed through your faculty or college registrar. The refund processes and time periods can vary by Faculty and Division. Please contact your registrar’s office for more information.

The majority of the Administrative User Fees and Fines (Category 6) (with the exception of the placement ancillary fees) are optional fees and are only charged to a student if they utilize the service or incur a fine (such as in the case of late returns to the library). These fees are not charged automatically. Some cost recovery fees are also optional and are only charged to a student where they opt for services, materials, or activities.