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Complaint against the University of Toronto Mississauga Students Union (UTMSU)

The complaint alleges that the CRO did not assign the appropriate number of demerit points to candidates of a slate for “campaigning in an unauthorized area”. The complainant was unable to attend the Election and Referenda Committee (EARC) meeting where the matter was discussed and was not made aware of a secondary appeal process.

The Panel recommended:

  1. Complainants, should they wish to attend the EARC, should be accommodated within reason.
  2. The notice of the EARC meeting should include the names of the members participating.
  3. Any decision by the CRO, or the EARC, should include information regarding the appeal process.
  4. The UTMSU should ensure that its by-laws and codes are followed. In this case, there is no evidence to indicate the ratified results of the election were made available.