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Complaint against the Scarborough College Athletic Association (SCAA)

Two candidates were assessed demerit points for allegedly campaigning in a restricted zone.  The demerit points resulted in the candidates’ disqualification from the election. Additionally, the complaint reported an inability for voters to vote for specific positions, which was not in compliance with the SCAA by-laws.

The Panel recommended:

  1. The SCAA review the CRO’s response to the allegations of campaigning in residence based on the information provided in this document. Furthermore, the SCAA shall meet with the complainants to discuss the review and consider a resolution. Such a resolution may include an apology and/or provide an opportunity for the disqualified candidates to be involved in an aspect of the organization, such as reviewing the constitution and election procedures noted below.
  2. The SCAA put in place clear rules pertaining to campaigning in their constitution or creates an Elections Procedure Code. The CRO shall ensure that all candidates are provided with a full package of information pertaining to the campaigning rules and the consequences of non-compliance prior to the start of the campaigning period.
  3. The SCAA review and update its constitution with respect to the Men’s and Women’s Representative positions and the associated voting process.
  4. For future elections, the SCAA shall utilize a CRO who is arms-length from the organization.