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Complaint against the University of Toronto Mississauga Students Union (UTMSU)

A candidate for a UTMSU executive position was assessed demerit points based on an anonymous complaint and disqualified from the election. The candidate was not provided an opportunity to speak to the Election and Referenda Committee to appeal the decision. Additionally, it was alleged that the demerit points lead to the candidate’s ineligibility to receive any reimbursement for campaign expenses.

The Panel recommended:

  1. That the UTMSU participate in the CRCSS process.
  2. That the UTMSU undertake a review of its Elections Procedures Code, and in particular the processes regarding appeals, to provide the candidate with the maximum opportunity to address the complaint.
  3. That UTMSU apologize to the candidate for its handling of the matter.
  4. That election expense reimbursements are accompanied by documentation that clearly shows, by candidate, the percentage of the total votes and the total amount reimbursed.