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Who is on my Student Support Team and what is the role of the Student Support Team? 

When the Vice-Provost, Students receives a request to consider placing a student on a Supportive Leave, one of their first steps is to form a Student Support Team (SST). Your Student Support Teams (SST) consists of individuals that offer expertise and information in specific areas to provide advice to the Vice-Provost, Students on how best to support you during all stages of your involvement with the Policy.  

The composition of the team depends on the specific identity and needs of an individual student and may include staff from your registrar’s office, staff or faculty from your program/department, accessibility advisors, equity officers, and/or health and wellness staff.  An SST always includes a regulated health professional.  

Student Support Teams are carefully constructed to meet individual student needs, keeping in mind that only as many people as needed are involved in an effort to maintain student confidentiality and privacy. Campus Safety staff do not participate as members of the SST, unless requested by you. They may provide relevant information to the SST or consult on safety planning. 

Your Student Case Manager can provide you with a list of the members of your Student Support Team. 

Please refer to Section IV. B. of the Supportive Leaves Policy for additional information about the appointment of a Student Support Team.