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What policy governs ancillary fees?

The University of Toronto introduced its own Policy for Ancillary Fees in 1995. The Policy translates Ministry guidelines into the University of Toronto context. This Policy is named the University’s Long-Term Protocol on the Increase or Introduction of Compulsory Non-tuition Related Fees which outlines the process for fee increases or the introduction of new ancillary fees.

The Policy for Ancillary Fees describes categories of permitted ancillary fees, including:

  • fees for student services provided by the University;
  • services provided by student organizations;
  • fees for specific and limited projects (normally capital projects);
  • optional fees for academic surcharges for extraordinary cost;
  • cost recovery fees (e.g., equipment or field trips);
  • administrative user fees and fines (e.g., library fines); and
  • system wide fees (e.g., fees established through a formal agreement for all Ontario universities such as the University Health Insurance Plan).