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Am I permitted to come to campus? 

It is common for students placed on a Leave to also be trespassed from the University campuses. This decision is based on the behaviour that prompted the Vice-Provost, Students to place you on a Leave and the level of concern for the safety of other members of the University community.  

If you have been trespassed from the University campuses, this will be included in the letter you received initiating the Leave – or in a separate communication from Campus Safety. 

If you have been trespassed from the University campuses it is important that you do not attend the campus or any University of Toronto property. Similarly, if you have any additional conditions imposed by either a court or the University, it is important that you comply.  

If you are unsure if a location is University of Toronto property, you can review U of T Campus Maps and ask your Student Case Manager if you have any concerns or questions.  

If you need to attend the campus to access support or services, please speak with your Student Case Manager.  Your SCM will assist to arrange for the service to be offered virtually.