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Why have I been placed on a Supportive Leave? 

A description of the specific behavioural concerns that informed the decision of the Vice-Provost, Students to place you on a Supportive Leave is included in the letter you received initiating the Leave. 

When a student’s behaviour is considered potentially harmful or threatening to the safety of another U of T community member(s) and there is reason to believe that the student is experiencing significant issues related to mental health, a Division Head (for example, a college principle or dean) may bring these concerns forward to the Vice-Provost, Students for consideration under the Policy.  

After receiving a request from your Division Head, the Vice-Provost, Students will have gathered information to ensure they have a clear understanding of your behaviour and personal circumstances to inform their decision.  This process may have involved bringing together individuals from various student services and equity offices who may be involved in providing you support. The Vice-Provost, Students will have also collected and reviewed any relevant supporting documentary information (e.g., campus safety reports, social media activity, summary of concern form, etc.) related to the behaviour of concern. Except in certain urgent situations, the Vice Provost, Students is also required to review and consider information provided by you before deciding whether to impose a Leave. 

Any questions related to the reason for your Leave may be directed to your Student Case Manager. 

Please refer to Section IV. F. of the Supportive Leaves Policy for additional information about the threshold for a Supportive Leave.