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If the Provost decides to continue my Supportive Leave, can I appeal their decision?  

If, after their review, the Provost decides to continue your Leave, you may appeal the decision of the Provost. This appeal is heard by the Senior Chair or the Associate Chair of the Discipline Appeals Board of the University Tribunal, or their delegate. The Senior Chair and Associate Chair are legally qualified and are appointed by the Academic Board of the University’s Governing Council. 

You can begin this appeal by filing a written notice of appeal, together with any submissions you wish to be considered, within 20 business days of the Provost’s decision. The Provost may also make submissions in response to the appeal. The decision of the Senior Chair (or delegate) or the Associate Chair (or delegate) is final. 

While the decision is under appeal, the terms and conditions of the Supportive Leave continue to apply. 

At any stage during the review or appeal process you may provide new information to the Vice-Provost, Students if you believe that it may be relevant to the implementation of the Leave. New information must be considered if it is relevant, as determined by the Vice- Provost, Students. New information provided during the review or appeal will not result in a new review or appeal process but may result in a decision to alter the terms and conditions of a Supportive Leave, or to its discontinuance.  

Please refer to Section V.B. of the Supportive Leaves Policy for additional information about an appeal to the University tribunal.