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I have been asked to complete a psychiatric risk assessment. What is the process? 

The return to studies process often involves a psychiatrist risk assessment, or equivalent, as well as a review of other relevant information about a student’s readiness and intent to re-engage with their studies. The risk assessment is arranged and paid for by the University. 

If you are asked to complete a psychiatric risk assessment, the following steps will generally apply: 

  1. The Vice-Provost, Students will confirm that they are seeking your consent to participate in a psychiatric risk assessment. This will typically be included in the letter you receive acknowledging your request to return to studies.  
  1. The University will engage a psychiatrist to complete the assessment. 
  1. You will be provided with a consent form to participate in the assessment.  The consent form will typically be provided by your Student Case Manager and they will be available to answer any questions.  You may also be asked to complete additional consent forms to collect medical records or information from any treatment providers or hospitalizations.  
  1. A date will be set for the assessment and you will meet with the Psychiatrist at the planned time.  This may be a virtual meeting or in-person.  
  1. Based on the appointment, the Psychiatrist will determine whether they need any additional meetings, additional consents to speak with other people and/or additional information from other medical professionals/institutions.  
  1. Once the Psychiatrist has gathered all the necessary information, they write their Report. 
  1. The Psychiatrist submits their report to the Vice-Provost, Students. 
  1. The Vice-Provost, Students and the regulated health services professional on the Student Support Team both review the report so that the Vice-Provost, Students can seek confidential advice on the report from the health professional. 
  1. A high-level summary of the psychiatrist’s report is shared with the SST. The summary addresses risk, whether it is advised that you are ready to return to your studies, and any recommendations. This information is considered as part of the decision related to your return to studies request and will inform your return to studies plan.