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How is a student informed that action under the Policy is being considered?  

A student will receive a letter from the Vice-Provost, Students indicating that they have received a request from the student’s division head (Dean or Principal) to consider the application of the Policy in the student’s case and that the request is under review.  

The student will be connected with a Student Case Manager (SCM) (see more information about the SCM in “Student Supports” section) who will offer to review the letter and next steps with the student, and to answer any questions they may have. 

The letter will: 

  1. Outline the concerning behaviour and reasons why the Vice-Provost, Students has been asked to invoke the Policy. 
  1. Connect the student with their Student Case Manager (SCM) under the Policy
  1. Invite the student to provide additional relevant information to the Vice-Provost, Students to inform the decision about whether it is appropriate to put the student on a Leave under the Policy, what types of additional supports and accommodation may be explored to remedy the situation without a Leave, and if a Leave is to proceed, information to help tailor terms and conditions to address the student’s needs and situation. 

Please refer to Section IV. C. of the Supportive Leaves Policy for additional information about the process for notifying a student of a referral to the Vice-Provost, Students.