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UTogether2020: Student Roadmap Information

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The University of Toronto looks forward to welcoming students back to campus as part of gradual and safe return to regular operations with as much on-campus activity as is practicable, sensible, and safe.

The University has begun to develop a roadmap to serve as a guide to our community (students, staff and Faculty) as we develop and undertake the process of returning to research, course instruction and other activities in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This page contains information related to plans for students’ safe return to campus activities. We will continue to update this page as more information becomes available. The full roadmap is available on the Provost’s website.

If you have any questions and concerns, please contact us by submitting your query here. As we get back to our campuses – virtually or physically – we will continue to work together and to help one another adjust and adapt.

Principles & Considerations for Fall 2020 Residence Offers to First-Year Students

Principles & Considerations for Fall 2020 Residence Offers to First-Year Students


The following principles for fall residence offers at the University of Toronto were developed to assist time-sensitive decisions related to Fall Residence offers for first-year students. The principles will guide the development of processes and communications to first-year students and parents. Based on discussion with first-entry divisions, these principles provide common information for students accepting our offers, especially in relation to waiving residence fees if a student cannot come to campus and holding spaces for students arriving after the start of the Fall term or in January. For returning students looking to apply for residence, please contact your college/residence for further information.

Fall residences offers – general principles

  1. U of T residences will be open and making offers for the fall term. We want students to have a rewarding experience, and we believe that residence is an invaluable part of that.
  2. U of T will ensure the health and safety of students in residence is our priority.
  3. U of T will make sure that students who receive and accept our offer are housed.
  4. U of T will not charge residence fees to students who are not able to get to their campus in-person, provided that they notify the University by specified deadlines.


  1. U of T will make sure that our residences are operated in accordance with the requirements of public health officials, which could include reduced numbers of students in residence, limits to gathering sizes/use of common spaces, and changes to the way food service is delivered.
  2. Plans are underway to ensure a positive experience and keep students connected to their residence, college and campus communities, while ensuring students’ health and safety.
  3. The residences anticipate that they may have reduced capacity in September, but that restrictions may ease, and more beds will be available later in the term. If required, housing may be offered in temporary accommodations at first.
  4. We will develop a revised deposit framework that allows first-year students to accept our offer, pay a deposit and remain an active applicant, even if they are not able to get here in September.
  5. The residences are not in a position to hold empty spaces if those spaces would otherwise be taken by a student who is able to occupy the space. Students will be provided with details regarding dates and deadlines whereby they will be required to make a decision as to whether they would like to be housed for September or to remain an active applicant who may be able to get to campus at a later date.
Principles for 14 Day Mandatory Quarantine for Students Entering Canada

Principles for 14 Day Mandatory Quarantine for Students Entering Canada


In order to slow the spread of COVID-19, the Government of Canada has put in place an emergency order under the Quarantine Act and outlined the requirements for Mandatory Quarantine for Travellers to Canada. This applies to all travellers to Canada without exception.

As part of our caring community approach, U of T will facilitate access to on or off-campus accommodations for new and returning students coming from outside of Canada, to enable them to fulfill the mandatory quarantine requirements set up by the Government of Canada, and to support the overall health and safety of our students and the broader community.


In alignment with the principles outlined in UTogether2020: Roadmap for U of T, including the Residence Offer Principles, and in compliance with ongoing guidance from the Province of Ontario and local public health authorities, the University will:

  1. provide all students with as much of an in-person, on-campus experience as is practicable, sensible and safe;
  2. continue to implement measures related to infection prevention and control, hygiene and cleaning, case detection, and outbreak management. U of T is making additional investments in areas such as environmental health and safety, and cleaning and custodial services;
  3. facilitate access to mandatory quarantine spaces in residence or alternative spaces for returning and new students from outside of Canada. This includes providing food and other necessities at cost;
  4. ensure quarantined students have the appropriate information and supports, including regular physical and mental health check-ins;
  5. provide virtual opportunities for students to engage safely with other students while in mandatory quarantine;
  6. provide spaces (in residence or alternative locations) and related amenities/services on a cost-recovery basis and minimize overall cost to students.

Additional information is available on the Students COVID-19 FAQ page.