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Quarantine Guide for Students


Students 18 years and older must meet the criteria of a fully vaccinated traveller with the required doses of Health Canada or WHO-approved vaccines to enter Canada.  Please see this webpage to check eligibility requirements and for a list of COVID vaccines accepted for entry to Canada. Students under the age of 18 who are not fully vaccinated will be permitted to enter Canada, but must quarantine.

Please review our University of Toronto COVID-19 Quarantine Guide for Students as you prepare your travel plans.  There are important changes to the quarantine requirements noted in the text below.

NOTE: The vaccine requirement for entry into Canada is different than the vaccine requirements to be considered fully vaccinated in Ontario and under the University’s vaccine guideline.  If you have a non-Health Canada approved vaccine, you must obtain one mRNA (Pfizer or Moderna) dose or have received 3 doses of a non-Health Canada to be considered fully vaccinated under the government guidance and the University’s guideline.

Information on this page may change to reflect new government regulations. Changes will be marked as updated with a corresponding date stamp.

Safe Travels!

Prior to Arrival in Canada

 The Government of Canada requires that all students arriving by air or land complete the following tasks prior to arrival. 

Fly or Drive to Canada

Safe travels!

Helpful Government of Canada references:



Arriving in Canada by Flying
Arriving in Canada by Driving
  • As a fully-vaccinated air traveller, you may only require an arrival test as part of a randomized testing program.  All COVID-19 testing for all air travellers will be done outside of airports. Travellers who must test will receive an email shortly after entering Canada.

    As a fully-vaccinated traveller driving from the United States, you may only require an arrival test as part of a randomized testing program.  

    As an unvaccinated traveller, you are required to undergo full 14-day quarantine including on arrival and Day 8 testing, unless exempt. 

    Check the Government of Canada website for more details on COVID-19 arrival testing for travellers. 

While in Quarantine

You must follow the quarantine requirements established by the Government of Canada per the emergency order under the Quarantine Act.

Learn about self-care during quarantine: Guide on Self-Isolation & Staying Physically Healthy (PDF)

Completing Quarantine

Unvaccinated students under 18 or students who were not granted a quarantine exemption upon entry to Canada must quarantine for a minimum of 14 days and have a negative test result from the Day 8 self-administered COVID-19 test.

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Questions About COVID in Canada?

Public Health Resources for You 

Questions about COVID-19 in Canada? Here are some resources that you can check out.